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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Mmmmm, peanut butter.


On 6/16/2004 6:25:30 PM arthurs wrote:


On 6/16/2004 11:27:19 AM dkp wrote:

Maybe he's looking for the chips...




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On 6/13/2004 8:50:39 PM arthurs wrote:

some very cool systems in this post....kudos to all!


I couldn't agree more... this is a great thread! 1.gif

Over time we've gotten to know each other through our postings and perhaps an equipment list... but pictures tell it sooo much better. BTW, having system pictures in our profiles is a great idea.

In any case, keep them coming...


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WOW, thanks alot!! My Heresys are over here cryin their eyes out since they were not included in the pics. I actually have them in a workout/gameroom and bring them in when I want rear surrounds. I have all the Klipsch hooked up to a Pioneer RCV, and when I have both A and B playing I loose the Fortes and have the Corwalls and La Scalas. The Heresys were where the La Scalas are now.

I want a Denon 3805 so I can have 5.1 in one room and the La Scalas playing in the room next door. I wonder how the RCV splits the signals when you do that? But wow that would be awsome to have all 7 Klipsch rockin the house at once. I probably would have to put the dog outside.

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On 6/18/2004 6:50:01 PM Champagne taste beer budget wrote:

Man, my wife would have me neutered if I had that much porcelin/glass sitting on top of speaks! I've already broken the glass in a few picture frames that fell to the floor, and that's using some lowly KG4's!


lol... my thoughts exactly! I've lost picture frames, vases, statuettes, etc... from around the room. I'm now much more careful on what and where I place things. 2.gif

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Well it is still a work in progress, so please excuse the lack of refinement.

I took a couple of quick snaps this morning, from the side you can see a general layout of the room which is about 13' x 13'. The large speakers in the corners came with the house and are the SRs they are used as front effects in the ht. The Heresys are my main ht speakers with the pro LaScalla top end as a center and a bookshelf speaker on top of it to add the needed bass. The match of the 3 front speakers is great and is seamless when viewing the ht setup. The rear surrounds are part of the satellite system that the re-coned woofers in the sub box are part of. I have separated the two rear surrounds and the sub box they came with and I have provided another amp to run the low effects through the sub box. It isn't like having a real subwoofer but it can still shake the walls a bit. The rear surrounds are a pair of quintets.

That is a 32 inch monitor and is much larger in real life than it is in the pictures. A nice flat panel would be nice as we are limited by the back wall shape and the cabinet to this TV as a max conventional screen. The stand for the left main speaker is yet to be made so the JBLs are filling in temporally.



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This is my bedroom system. The entertainment center is from Ashley furniture.

Mains Klipsch Kg4s

Center Klipsch KV3, KLF-C7 (depends on mood)

Surrounds Klipsch RS-3 front and rear

Sub1 Klipsch Powered SW8

Sub2 Audio Concepts Saturn (Oak, custom-made, driven by Marantz M-700)

TV Sony KV36XBR250

Receiver Yamaha RX-V2095

DVD Pioneer Universal DVD

Laserdisc Pioneer DVL-700 combi-payer

RF Mod. Yamaha ADP1

Optional speakers shown in picture:

Blue Room Minipods, Genesis Genre II

Cables Audioquest GR8 (speaker) Bettercables silver digital Coax, Audioquest Coral interconnects, Canare Component Video

Monster Power Management

Dishnetwork DVR510 satellite receiver/recorder


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