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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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The TV does not overheat. Its decieving but its pretty far away from the window and the blinds take care of it. There is at least a foot behind the speakers to the wall.

The rug is from Ashley's home furniture. You can probably purchase it online through there website or call a store and since they sell it via a 3rd party and ups.

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Here is a shot of the rear. I am using my RF-3 for rear surrounds now. I sold them locally last month, but the gentleman that purchased them brought them back because he said they were just too big for his room. They sound great back there....


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Temporary setup of my rf-83's until I move back to college. Only the two speakers(two amazing speakers IMO) until I can splurge on the rc64 and maybe a pair of rf-7's for the back...thats the dream anyway...and please ignore the old Bose center channel...haven't gotten around to putting it away yet


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And since I haven't seen anyone else with sweet guitars hanging on their walls. Heres a red Fender American Strat and of course my first guitar, a Fender that is really short (don't even know if it has a name)...Since this is all in the theater area...i thought it was appropriate.


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Hear is an updated pic front shot of my humble little system. The acoustic panels are DIY.img0602ij1.jpg

That looks fantastic!! My only suggestion is that you should make more panels just like the ones shown...... to hang in the corners for bass trapping purposes.

Very well done Tony!!

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