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3000 dollars for HT... how should I divy it up?


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I've got 3000 dollars for an HT budget.

I'll need everything, speakers, amps, sub, and a display.

Now I'm reasonably well-read on speakers, so I can figure those out. But how much do you all suppose I should allot to a good display?


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Okay this looks like a pretty nice HT:

Sony 32" HDTV $1000

Sony DVP-NS725P DVD Player$130

RF-15 for front channel $600

RC-25 for center channel $280

RS-25 for surrounds $400

SVS 25-31PCi Subwoofer $549

H/K AVR230 $450

$3410 Total Price

Everything except the subwoofer was at goodguys.com and they were saying something about an additional 10% off so I think that should bring you down to about $3000. This would be a HT that I would be proud to have. Plenty of power and great sound3.gif!

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I would spend $1500 and get yourself a nice Mitsubishi 48 inch widescreen. You could probably find one on sale and save a hundred bucks or so.

I love my Mitsubishi rear projection and I am always amazed at how clear the picture is even when viewed from an angle.

Don't forget the cables as mentioned in the other posts. I ended up droping at least $300 on decent cables.

I saved a ton of money by purchasing my speakers and receiver online. I found my speakers for real cheap at brandnamez.com. However I've noticed that they have problems keeping Klipsch speakers in stock. Especially the floorstand and bookshelf ones. Also they only give you 7 days for exchanges. I made sure to check out all of my equipment before the 7 days were up.


I picked up my receiver from shopsunshine.com. They have really great prices on new receivers.

It's a risk going with these companies because they are not authorized dealers but if you are on a budget it may be worth the risk. It worked out for me. I save over $1000 buying from these guys compared to what Ultimate Electronics quoted me.

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Then there's my approach. Buy the best components you can (speakers, tv, receiver) with all the money you have, disregarding cables, then with the left over change you have, go down to home depot, and pick up some decent gauge lamp wire. Will cost you 40 bucks tops. In my opinion, It is better to get the best components possible, and put up with some cheap cables for a few months.(In my case, forever because I have no complaints about my cheap wire. No static or distortion, just clean sound, so I will never be buying expensive cables.) Good luck on your decision. But don't worry about speaker wire! Upgrading wire is cheaper than having to upgrade your components. Get the good components first!

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