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Just wanted to say thanks....... to everyone


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I have been on this board since June 6 2003... slightly over a year. I just replied to a message in the Home Theater forum and was saying how this time last year I didn't even know what DTS was. :-)

almost 250 odd posts later.... I have a full reference 7 set up with RSW-15, and I couldn't be happier. But, I honestly can't thank everyone on this forum enough, even the moderators. Everyone has been extremely nice and always given me good advice.

I doubt I would ever have this set-up or my passion for movies/music and overall good quality sound if it weren't for everyone here so THANKS!

I still visit the forum's everyday to learn and on occasion get some more help :-)

Thanks again

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Yup, we're all here to learn and exchange knowledge and good conversation. I joined this forum because I saw the link when I was buying my Promedia 2.1's online! Those were the first Klipsch products I ever bought. Now I'm 2 reference systems from that. So high five!

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On 6/16/2004 12:05:57 AM Thors1982 wrote:

Everyone has been extremely nice and always given me good advice.


You must not have asked any interconnect cable upgrade questions

Seriously, I made the same plunge over two years ago, and not having any friends or family that share my passion for audio and video pursuits, I have relied upon the friends and family on the internet forums for most of what I know about HT, upgrading, and tweaking. (Dysfunctional though that family might be sometimes...)

I'll add a thanks to Klipsch for supporting this forum; I can imagine that they have wanted to shut it down more than once, what with some of the Off-Topic silliness and the Flame Wars that have ignited over the years... I think for the most part that those of us who have responded to the terrific products that Klipsch has made over the decades will find common ground in the end...

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