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New LaScala vs. Older Khorn


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I'm thinking of selling my new La Scalas (1999) and buying a pair of Khorns(1970's)in hopes of a little better sound quality from the Khorns. Are there improvements to the new heritage line that I won't get from an older Khorn? Unfortunatly, I can't do a side by side comparison. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Greg

Denon AVR3300

FR/FL-La Scalas




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Newer k-horns, belles and la scalas are spec'd to within +/- 3dB over their rated bandwidth, where older ones are only held to +/- 5dB. I couldn't say if the difference is that audible, though. And I believe that in '82, klipsch went to plastic horns.

I've got '98 k-horns and I just love'm! Plastic horns and all.



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K-horns and La Scalas will sound remarkably alike until you hear a bass drum or deep bass note. Then, the K-horns will move your pants legs. La Scalas can't.

I have 4 La Scalas and no proper corners.


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It seems that you're looking for a ranking between:

1999 LaScala,

1970 K-Horn,

Current K-Horn,

Maybe current LaScala, or anything else.

As per your comments, my guess is that there are few outside the factory or a fully equipped dealer, with a good memory for sound, who can report first hand experience. Side by side tests of the range of choices are nearly impossible because of the cost and circumstances of time.

I think it is fair to say that the 1970 K-Horn is a gold standard which can not be matched by any LaScala, or any other speaker in the world short of the new Jubilee. The home Jubilee has not come to market.

People have some opinions on tweeks and upgrades to the K-Horn over the years. These mainly go to the midrange and tweeter. They can be implemented in the 1970 K-Horn, should you wish to tinker. I can give you info.

My suggestion is that you should not hesitate at all to purchase the 1970 vintage K-Horn. It will be a remarkable improvement over the LaScala in bass.

I certainly don't criticize the LaScala. However, the bass of the K-Horn gives a tremendous impression of authority and ease of reproduction overall. I'm not a member of the "subjective sound" camp. It is simply difficult to quantify in terms of frequency response.

You can't go wrong with the 1970 K-Horn. I'm confident you'll be very happy.


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I love my '77 Klipschorns.

A friend was looking into some KLF-30's and came by to hear my setup.He bought some 1999 La Scalas and while I was redoing his HT I had a chance to really listen to his LS.Did some 2 channel music with a 70X5 Yamaha for several hours,no sub,just me and my tunes.Was very pleased with the sound.He found some '86 K-Horns and we made one of the LS a center.

Anyway except for better bass,I can't say that there was any jump up and down difference.Sorry to say that I didn't get to compare the same music and on my terms or I could say ya go for it.But ya go for it,or get the K-Horns and keep the LS.

Can't say for sure how much difference you will hear between the years.


Main HT:'77 Klipschorns w/ALKs,

'75 Heresy center,modified with,K-Horn sqauwker & AA network.

KSP-S6 at sides

2 KSP-S6's rear.

Denon AVR-3801

2 Denon POA-2800 200X2

1 driving the Horns

1 driving the bi-wired Heresy center.

2 DIY 12"4ohm subs,Carver A500x 400 watts per ch.feed.

1 12" powered sub(behind the couch)feed from the surrounds pre-outs.

Sony DVP-C650D.

Dishnetwork Echostar 4700 w/DD


Pioneer CDL-D501 laser

Music in "Direct"only!

DH Labs T-14 speaker wire to the front 3.

Room size;15.5 X 25' opening into dining room.

Old RCA 52"RPTV w/matching cabinets

Bed room HT:

KSB 2.1 mains,SC-1,SS-1's,2 SW 8 II subs.

2 Heresy's for music.

Denon AVR-2800,

Dishnetwork,Sony SLV-975HF VCR,Panasonic DVD-RV31.


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Originally posted by gregk111:

Thanks for the advice, I'm going to wait until I can afford the horns, then I'll move the LaScalas to the rear.

Here's what i would do if i was you: keep your new Scalas, buy the old K-horns, then take all the drivers, horns, x-overs and even woofers of your Scalas and install them in the K-horns; put the older loudspeakers from the k-horns in the la scalas. Everything will fit perfectly, you just have to remove "a few" screws.

And you'll have new klipschorns!!! as simple as that!

The reason you should do this is simple: the old klipschorn will give better bass than your new scalas, but this is due to the shape and size of the enclosure; your scalas have smoother midrange and tweeter (being "new gen"), and their mid-horn doesn't "ring"; swamp the speakers and you'll have the best of both worlds.


Frans (owner of "old" la scalas with ringing midrange!)

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