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rope cauk?

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Well cls72,

If you live in Alabama and you aren't an Auburn fan you must be an Alabama Crimson Tide fan because as we Alabamians know there is no fence sitting on this issue. Roll Tide.

It is spelled caulk. I got mine at Ace Hardware, 3/16" thick, 90 feet long, for less than $4 per roll. I couldn't find the other varieties at the stores mentioned in the rope caulk archives. BTW it takes two rolls to coat one K-400 horn with one layer. I tried the Dynamat and it didn't work in the Colorado low humidity. It fell off. In the end, I like the rope caulk better. It's easier to work with, cheaper, doesn't fall off, and makes better contact around some of the tricky places near the throat of the squawker. It works just as well as a damper;I AB'ed with a mono signal both rope caulk and Dynamat. They are comparable.


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I've seen several posts about Dynamat falling off, if you clean the horn and heat it and the dynamat before application, the stuff will stick like glue. I set mine outside in the hot Louisiana sun for about 15 minutes before application and then used a wooden roller to force out any air pockets. Works great!

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Use the original stuff (brown ugly looking smelly asphalt based), heat it in a low oven before applying, and it will stick like a sonofabitch. Won't come off with a hammer and chisel. Do not get it on the rug or furniture while applying unless you have a very understanding wife or funds available for a new rug or furniture.

Also burns like crazy if you accidently wrap it across your wrist whilest applying it to your La Scala midrange drivers.

This hobby is not always a painless pursuit of musical nirvanna.

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