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biamping with a/b channels on receiver?


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Calm Down John, you might blow a blood vessel or something.

Bi-amping does not "require" pre amplifier stage electronic crossovers. Sure we would like to filter and amplify, rahter than amplify and filter, but it's not that much inefficient as you would believe (amplifiers don't necessarily work like we think they do)

Previously when I stated that bi-amping off of an A/B switch can be considered bi-amping, well it sort of depends on the design. If a channel of amplification has maybe four output transistors, the A && B switch as well as a setting to "bi-wire" within the amplifier may divide the amplication channels. Dedicating half of the output transistors to one channel, and the other half to the new. We don't really know how most amplifiers are designed so we can't assume that using A && B is simply a loading circuit.

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