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Klipsch Speakers You Currently Own or Owned and Usage


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Currently have:

Office / Listening Room - 2 channel system

'82 Cornwall - CBR

Synthesis Soprano 12W class a integrated amp (unfortunately is wounded and at shop)

MoFi ultradeck turntable with Grade Red MM 

Sonos Port

Marantz DV4600 CD/DVD Player

Pioneer SX-780 Stereo Receiver



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Had (I have seller's remorse for letting some of these go):




Heresy BR

Heresy WO

Forte I WO

Forte I WO

Forte I WO

Forte II OO

Chorus II WO

Chorus II WO

Cornwall I WL

Lascala Burnt BR

LaScala BR

Single LaScala BB








KLF-30 Black

CF-3 Walnut

CF-4 V1 Cherry

THX Ultra II




RB-35 Black

RB-35 Cherry

RB-75 Black


KLF- 30 Mahogany

Chorus II OO

Chorus II Black

Quartet WO

Heresy BR

Heresy II WO

Belle WO

Khorn OO



MCM-1900 4 way

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In order:

R-51PM’s - Bought for my computer early in the COVID lock down.

R-51M’s - bought as a gift to my daughter who had a vintage receiver and needed speakers.

Heresy Ones, bought on the internet. Just because.

KP-250 (singleton) bought on the internet because it was stupidly cheap. I will experiment with it as a center speaker but might also put it inside a gutted 1920’s radio cabinet. I wouldn’t disassemble it, just sit it in there and hide it with grill cloth.  
R-51PM’s were stolen by my wife as TV speakers, “just for the Christmas season.” I may never get them back.

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My OCD on full display:



SW-10II (oak), KV-3 (black), Academy (black), KV-4, (2) KLF-C7 (black), (2) KLF-C7 (mahogany)

KSB 3.1 (black), RB-5 (mahogany), Rb-75 (black), RS-7 (white), KP-201, KP-250 (white), KP-301, (1) Pro Heresy (H III internal), La Scala Industrial splits (square tops)

Quartet (oak), Forte (walnut), Forte II (walnut), Forte III (walnut), Chorus II (walnut), KLF-30 (rough mahogany), KLF-30 (mahogany), CF-3 V1 (black)

(1) 1958 shorthorn (primavera), Heresy (walnut/cane),  Cornwall (walnut), (1) Cornwall vertical

La Scala (rough decorator), La Scala (BSL), Belle (rough walnut), Belle (walnut), Klipschorn (Lacewood 60th anniversary)


Others I have had:

RSW-12, RT-12d, KSW-200, SB-2, SS-1, KSP-C6, KSB-S, KV-1

KG4, KG 4.2, KG 5.5, CA-800T, RC-3, RC-7, RC-64, RS-62, RF-52, RF-5, RF-63, RF-83, RF-7II,  KLF-20

Cornwall II, La Scala industrial, Klipschorn (oak), Klipschorn (walnut), THX Ultra II 7.2



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KSF 10.5



KLF 20

KLF 30


RB 75

RB 35

Heresy 1

RF 7

RC 7

RS 7

RSW 15

P 39F

P 37F

P 312w


LaScala 2



Promedia 4.1

Promedia 4.2

Igroove or whatever the hell that was

POwergate w/ RB 61 II

SUB 12

Some crappy Gallery bluetooth thingy  that sounded good but crapped out


Multiples of some of the above, maybe some others



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I currently own a pair of khorns modded with the Volti audio horns and BMS 2" drivers and Fostex 90A tweeters, 2 channel only. I also have a pair of Forte II's doing duty in my surround sound system, they were once used in my vintage system that I no longer have. I did have a pair of Cornwall II's years ago but sold them...

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The first set of Klipsch I had ever listened to was a brand new set of forte IIs on loan in my house ~1992

Then I bought a new set of Quartets


have since bought used:

forte IIs

Tangent 5000s




1975 La Scala*


*stored in my living room for a friend  :( 




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