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thanks to klipsch and to all y'all for being such a great group of people!


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just a note as i round 100 posts and become a 'crazy poster!! you all have been very helpful, entertaining, and thought provoking as i've read and posted at this bb. i appreciate your thanks as i try to help get ?'s answered y'all may have, and your consideration of ?'s i may have. i wouldn't have attained this 'status' of crazy poster if it wasn't so enjoyable to post here! (though dougdrake2 may disagree as to wheather moving 'up' in posts and their respective 'titles' that go along w/them is a 'good' thing. Smile.gif )special thanks (apologies to anyone i omit) to talk-to-keith, hornEd, boa (who recognized my computer being hacked by the chinese Smile.gif ) htexpert who will keep me on my toes, and especially the 'klipsch guys' who help us all. a final thanks to paul w klipsch, without whom the world wouldn't sound quite so good, you are w/us when we have those 'special' listening sessions that are borderline 'religious' experiences!! thanks again to all!! avman.


1-pair klf 30's

c-7 center

sony strda-777ES receiver

dishnetwork model 7200 dishplayer satellite receiver/digital bitstream recorder

pioneer dvd player

sharp 35"tv

panamax max dbs+5 surge protector/power conditioner

monster cable interconnects/12 gua.speaker wire

surrounds and a 'teens sub coming!

klipsch-so good it Hz!

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