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DENON 3901!


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Whoops, my bad, the unit is called the 3910, not 3901.

Denon has released their 3910 DVD player, and judging from the specs, it seems like it can output images at 480p/780i/1080i! I thought only the blu-ray DVD players (which this is not) could output in Hi-def? Does anybody know what's up with this?


for the specs

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I have the 3910 and a 3805 reciever, i have a sony 60" lcd projection TV that's native resolution is 720P, the player upconverts the image (just like the samsung) at the native resolution of the monitor so artifacting and other blemishes are reduced. It reduces the amount of converting the image must undergo. The picture is astounding, unfortunately i can't get the Denon-Link to work for sound.

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