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What's up with the visit to Klipschland?


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For the record, that should be NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY, not the university of new mexico.

Ross, next time you pass through Las Cruces, make sure you stop for a bite at El Comedor restaurant in Mesilla. Order something with green chile from Hatch. It will do for your tongue what Klipsch does for your ears. Mmmmm, my mouth is already watering...

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Colin - The handsome guy second from the left in the picture with Dr. Paul is Doug Drake. Not sure who those other two are - I think they were cleaning the pool and just came in to see what was up wink.gif

The people in the picture with MrsK are local friends - the President of the Chamber of Commerce, a bank president, and a very nice couple from Hot Springs who have known the Klipsch's for quite a while. All really great people!

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I would like to sincerely thank everyone at Klipsch for allowing us total access to such an incredible company and an incredible man. Meeting Paul Klipsch was an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life!

I have always said that Klipsch speakers were the best speakers money could buy - now I know why. Klipsch is a first class company with first class associates. I wish everyone could spend some time with Paul Klipsch, he is not only a world class engineer, but a world class individual. Thank you again Paul and Valerie Klipsch for being so gracious and inviting a group full of strangers into your home and treating us like family. Trey, Phil, Jim, and everyone else at the factory THANK YOU!

If there is ever another trip - count me in!


aka JohnG200

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