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Synergy SF-3 OR Reference RF-15?


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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum and i can say that it is just great.Alot of things u wrote made my decisions easier.Thanks for all of you!

I'm setting up a new system and have a question regarding the fronts.

What I have : Surround - RS3II

Center - SC1

I most likely add KSW-10 or RW-8 as sub, and Yamaha RX-V1400.

Now for the questions:

1.I have the option to buy SF-3 for 400$ a pair, or RF-15 for 420$.

Now, I've listened to them both and the sf-3 sound better (especially

without a sub).From what i read here u guys prefer the reference series no

matter what.What do u guys think? what about the mixture I've with

all my speakers? (I'll be more into music then HT like 70%/30%).Do u think

I should add some money and take the RF-25 (600$ a pair).

2.What about the reciever? is it any good for my setup? I'm gonna use it in

my living room which is 15x10 feet.It sure is expensive...

please help me choose cause I've got to decide until the 8th...

Thanks in advance! 2.gif

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The problem I see with what you currently have, is only with the Center Channel. It is a speaker for the Synergy series..Match with the SF-2's......The SC2 would work with your SF-3's. There are mixed feelings concerning the Yamaha receiver on this form........Have you had a chance to listen to the Speakers With Your Model receiver?.........not much help, just observations...........Good Luck, - trust Your ears and your budget!

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Thanks for your replay.

I ran a search for center speaker SC-2 but could not find it.Do you happen to know where they sell it?

Also, no i did not get a chance to listen to the receiver with my configuration.Just looking for another men exprience..

what do you think about RF-15 speaker?


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I'll give you a better option. First, you can scour the surrounding dealers for RF-3IIs on clearance. Both my friend and I got them for under $500/pair. They'll be a much better match for your surrounds.

Secondly, if you're into music another option you can consider is getting RB-25s (beautiful midrange on those speakers) and putting the savings into a much better subwoofer.

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My only comment is the price on the RF-25's at $600. I got mine from a authorized dealer for $668 plus tax. Well, I guess I will comment further, I would consider a reference center speaker. The center speaker is the hardest working speaker in the whole setup. I had a synergy center and the dialog was lacking when we would watch a movie at times we would have to rewatch a scene be cause of "What did they say?" I never had that problem once I upgraded to a reference center.

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