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Unheard of price on Infocus SP4805


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I would not have any contact with these people. First there is no shopping cart, second and most important the Verisign logo does nothing. If they were really Verisign certified by contract clicking on that will bring you to a Verisign site.

I am just guessing that after you contact them that they will say they only take Western Union money orders. No credit cards. You will send them the money and never hear from them again.

This is a common scam to lure in Ebay buyers as well. Buyer Beware on this one.



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OK, so here's the information I've managed to gather from their website and my tools.

First of all, the phone number that they provide traces back to a cellular phone that has a London, UK, exchange. As you may or may not know, most of the cloned phones sold in the world come from London.

Next, I traced the website. It appears to be a premium yahoo website account, but not a yahoo sales account. If you want to do some more digging, the address is, and the server name is premium4.geo.yahoo.akadns.net.

Finally, the 800 number they provide is an autoforward to some other, unknown number, and I don't want to take the time to track that one down too.

I'd be more than wary when it comes to giving these people my money. Promising free shipping on speaker and projectors from the UK, thats a little much, even for me. I'd be sure and check with your credit card company about their requirements for international fraud complaints before you order.

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Here is the reply I got from them today.

Dear Scott ,

All our products are brand new,in original sealed

box.Comes with original documens and 1 year

international warranty offerd by manufacturer.

You can place an order by e-mail.

Thank you and we are looking forward to your soonest


Kinds Regards

Roberto Del Monte

Sales Manager of Electronics Mall LTD.

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I tried the links you provided but to no avail. In fact I even tried epinoins to see if there was some info on them. I sent them back an email asking how they take payment. If they take visa or mc I would be covered if it is a scam. But to be honest I may just say the hell with them anyway.

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They say they have been around for 30 years and made millions of transactions, yet if you google search electronics-mall.org, you will get nothing! They dont have a visa or mastercard logo, and the authorized tags look fake. I wish this site was real, I would buy that projector in a heart beat for 500 bucks!

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On 10/4/2004 10:25:49 PM htxpert wrote:


Being an Infocus Screen Play dealer I can tell you that the $1399 price listed above from AVS is just slightly above dealer cost for new "A" stock 4805's These projectors have small margins to begin with

Hope this helps



Can you tell me what the dealer price is? PLEASE?

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The addresses that I provided came from the DOS command tracert on the address for http://www.electronics-mall.org

OK, so my interest got piqued. The address is a one year registration, and was registered on 08/21/04 by H. B. Jones. His given address is:

H. B. Jones

13024 Horseshoe Trail

Medford, TX 75180

The e-mail that he registered is elec_jerry@yahoo.com, and the phone number that he was forced to provide is (203) 222-3123. This number is not listed or published by ATT, but assuming it is a landline, it is located in Westport, CT, and is owned by the Southern New England Telephone Company.

It appears that he registered the domain through yahoo! domains.

So, in other words, there is no way that I could possibly suggest that you give this guy the time of day, let alone your credit card info. It looks and smells like a primo scam. And Kev313 is right, whoever it is copied a bunch of buttons and icons and stuff from the crutchfield site. Its a pretty slick scam though. The site is pretty well set up.

Caveat Emptor. Especially in this case. And again, I don't know that Visa/MC cover you in cases of international fraud. You might want to call the number on the back of your card to be sure.


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