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XLR Connectons?


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never heard of these & can't find any reference to them on this bb. what kind of output devices use XLR outputs to like these inputs on my sub? what are they all about?


RF-3 (front), RC-3, Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-15 sub

Monsterbass 400 sub cables & Monster Z-12 speak wire

Sony de935 a/v receiver

Sony DVP-C650D dvdp

Sony Trinitron 27" tv

Technics dual cassette deck

Technics direct drive turntable

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 digital cable box

rock on!

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XLR connectors are for balanced signals, which have both the normal audio waveform and then an inverted version. Noise & hum picked up will effect both signals in the same way (hopefully), so when the difference is compared at the receiving end, the noise & hum drop out.

All Pro Audio stuff is balanced. Some home audio stuff is, but not much.


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