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Amp for the RF-7 series?


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I guess we all have our opinions on what is good equipment and what is, well not so good equipment.


human nature to feel that what you chose and spent money on is the best

when you are rather biased. Thats why it's so important to do your

research and buy well. A lot of experience on this board, just a

suggestion but perhaps listen as well as pontificate that your

equipment is the best. Your investment sometimes doesn't always pan


There, that wasn't so bad was it? Not so hard to understand, eh?

Cheers and good luck!

I assume this was in response to my post? It's hard to tell from

your response, it's like you're carrying on a different conversation.

Did you even read my post? More to the point, did you comprehend

it? Because your reply certainly doesn't indicate that anything I said

soaked into your cranial cavity.

I never said that the equipment I had

was better than anyone else's, and I didn't make suggestions as to what

the OP should buy, as I've had little experience of that grade of

equipment. I'm sure that you have the finest gear available, and that

I'd go home in tears, contemplating suicide, after hearing your rig. I

simply responded because you were so incredibly rude to the forum in


Let me put this (more) bluntly: In your posts, you come across

like an arrogant, insulting, patronizing jerk, saying, "Look at what I

have. You

should have the same, then you can be insufferable too!" I haven't

been a member of this forum for very long, and I pretty much stick to

this area, because I haven't got the spare time to spend on it, so I

don't know what your earlier posts, or those in other

areas of the forum are like. But in this area, all of them that I've

seen have been in the same


Cheers and good luck? I see this in a lot of your posts. Do you put that in to attempt to "soften the blow"?

Do you read your posts before committing? Read them out loud to

yourself before you hit the "Post" button, and pretend that someone else is saying it to you. Maybe that will help.

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Bumping up an old topic after searching.

I'm considering the Outlaw 7500 for my RF7 based home theater. I'll start out with a 5.1 setup, but when I go 7.1, I'll probably use the 7500 for everything but the RF-7s and get a really nice 2 channel amp, possibly the Carver ZR 1600, for them.

Any input? Suggestions?

I did this for awhile except I used QSC instead of Carver, I liked it. Still do even though my 7's have been replaced w/ heritage.

Tenzip - You sound very smart for a cornhusker. [;)]

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