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On 12/5/2004 9:51:34 PM colterphoto1 wrote:

I dunno Clu, an image of Mad Magazine's Alfred 'what me worry' Neuman just flashed before my eyes. Naw that's not what you want.

How bout a big teddy bear guy with curly locks, sparkling green eyes, mischievous grin and wicked laugh. Don't know any.




Sometimes the uninitiated trip over the raw truth quite by accident. Here is the avatar that HDBRbuilder and Justin_TX cooked up for me when the forum switched over to the new format

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What the hell is this nonsense? Is the entire Klipsch Forum in the freakin entertainment business? Hey! If ya wants cheering up turn on the duh stupid comedy central channel. We wasnt put on dis earth to keep ya laughing in ya pajamas when ya gots a headache from breathing too many car fumes because you forgot to pull outta duh garage after starting ya car and not driving outta it. And whatta ya doin driving your car I duh freakin' garage anyway? Whatta ya a gas head or somthin? What will the Klipsch forum become if it relies on screwballs like me to make ridiculous posts and showing stupid cartoon characters to keep ya happy? Its become a disgrace Im tellin ya. A down right flaming Disgrace! Forget about it. I done gots to go. I gots duh tractor warming up in duh barn to give it my own state inspection

Sticker , Just as long if I wake up in the morning and if I survive the emission control test. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Doggies Is everbody Happy?If not Ill keep the tractor runninfor one more hour! Hummala humma la ding dong Woof Woof Woof!

And you think IM Crazy. But youre the one dats reading this stupid stuff. HA HAAAAAAAAAA Yikes!


He he he he he he heHe he he he he he he



Evil ain't I?11.gif

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I wish I could do something fancy with pics, clu, but since I ain't enabled that way as of yet, here's this.

You're a gift to this forum.

You make me smile on a regular basis.

I ain't seen a pic of you, that I know of, but I'm a gonna guess you got nice horns, not too big, as to have a ring to them, not too small, as to have a loss at higher frequencies, but just right, the way I like em.

Keep those great images coming.

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Hey Clue,

I think you said it well. The people who are getting you down are idiots. The situations which get you down are idiotic. Realizing that is better than fuzzy slippers, I hope.

I have some friends who are irrecoverable Scrooges. I love them none the less.

There were two popular books in decades past. The Road Less Traveled and People of the Lie. In my view, the author went off the deep end.

None the less, he did identify situations where the innocent are blamed, by the demented and selfish, for all the shortcomings of the world. And the are so good at personal politics that the innocent buy into it.

At this time of year there is an atmosphere of compelled happiness and joy. Set up a party, buy a gift, etc. What, you're not a player? You're not making loved ones joyful? You're not happy? Shame on you.

Of course, the most trivial gift is enough for adults. A sprig of pine is a Christmas tree.

- - - -

Question: Did John Lennon mean to say the Beatles were Beat-less? Where does that leave you? Smile.



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Cheer up, Clu...at least you've got your health. And a good set of ears to listen to your favorite music played through your horn speakers. Good music always helps eliminate the stress that idiots can create...at least for awhile anyway.1.gif

Happy listening!

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