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Whats the difference between LaScala's and Belle's


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4 hours ago, ricktate said:

La scalas and Belles do sound different if you got them next to each other. I would go with LaScalas. Are you buying new ones??? Can you get discount on new ones?? You could probably get 3 Forte III across the front easier and save loads of money. 

Finding 3 Belles??? Good luck with that you will have to buy 4 used ones to get that. Same goes for used LaScalas probably. 

You could go to   ttps://www.paducahhometheater.com/heater         he has all those to listen to except Bells although if your not going to order from him probably not good idea. You could go to FB Klipsch page see if anyone close to you has those models.

Another idea would be 3 Cornwalls across the not not as big. 

You never said how big the room is going to be so thats a deciding factor also. 


This is from 2004...

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You won't go wrong with Khorns in the corners and a La Scala or a Belle in the center. As mentioned previously, the Khorns will take up the least amount of space as mains. Think of the La Scala as a square Klipschorn that doesn't go as low, and think of the Belle as a prettier La Scala. The La Scala is the original center to the Khorn -- if memory serves the Belle came along when Mrs. Klipsch decreed that the La Scala was too ugly for her living room.

Two or four Heresy surrounds and you're the envy of half the forum.

The Heresy was the original center for KHorns, then the Cornwall. The LaScala was designed for a PA speaker, a KHorn that didn’t require a corner. The Belle Klipsch is a domestic version of the LaScala to be a center between KHorns.

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I will spare you the K-horn pitch because that would not fit into your plans, but the others are correct - K-horns would be your best option out of the three.

That being said, I can somewhat relate because K-horns were out of the question for me (for now), and I had to decide between LaScalas and Belles. I ended up with Belles. As to sonic differences, there are not many. Some say that the Belle's midrange performance is not as good as the LaScalas because of a smaller horn and/or the design of the horn. Having auditioned Belles and LaScalas, I honestly could not tell a difference between their midranges, and I do not find my Belles to be lacking in that respect.

Another thing to consider is the size of your room. LaScalas have often been called "PA speakers," not necessarily as a knock or a derogatory term, but because the design of the cabinets was more suited for long throw or larger rooms. If you have a small to medium-sized room (like mine), Belles may perform a little better than LaScalas, which tend to like larger open areas. As for looks, you've already covered that in one of your responses.

Bottom line. LaScalas and Belles sound pretty similar, and it may come down to personal taste and the size of your room.


The LaScala was designed to be a PA speaker for the gubernatorial race of Winthrop Rockefeller .

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