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I am having some trouble with the back speakers...


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I have a Sound Blaster pci 128 sound card in my just not 1 year old Compaq amd Athlon 500 and just purchased a pair of promedia 2.-400's from best buy. I hooked them up and the front to speakers and subwoofer work superbly but fo some reason i am not getting sound out of the back two speakers. I went to the control panel and to multimedia and the selected advanced properties in the sound blaster pci 128 options. I clicked on the quadraphonics option on the speakers tab and then pressed apply and then ok. But when i went back after closing the control panel and went back to the same place, the setting for the speakers was back to the "desk top speakers" set up. I wonder if my version of the sound blaster card does not support the 4 speaker set up or if i maybe i didnt set something up right. Can someone please shed some light into this?! Thanks in advance!!

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Well, before i posted this i went to the multimedia tab, as i stated in my above post and adjusted the "speaker" tab to the "quadraphonics" setting. Is that what you are talking about? Because i tried to find some program or folder named "creative launcher" and couldnt find it even after using the "find files and folders". Is there anything else anyone can think of that might help me? Does anyone think its a problem that i have the sound blaster pci 128 as oppsed to something like the x gamer or sound blaster live! or should mine work fine? Thanks!

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Is there not a software application related to your soundcard?

Not the windows audio settings but a creative program.

I don't know about your card, i got x-gamer and i have a folder in my start/programs/creative/(a whole bunch of prog.)

Including creative launcher.

Hope this helps.

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You need to get the software that accompanies your soundcard so you can change your settings.

I'm guessing your soundcard came with your computer (OEM)? If this is the case, a lot of times they do not pre-install this software (the Creative Launcher). Get with your computer manufacturer or Creative.



ProMedia Tech Support



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