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Eliptical Filter


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I believe the reason Klipsch used these types of filters in the old(er) series was because at the time, they were the most common type filters for the day and age. 




Although the use of a constant k filter has been criticized by ALK, they do work fairly well and many people have enjoyed them in a lot of Klipsch speakers. The worst offender for bad sound seems to be the K-400 horn. 

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15 hours ago, Curious_George said:

I love (loath) a technical thread with no pictures, graphs or charts to show you what is going on...

So why did you post a picture of a JBL tweeter on my Super Heresy 2.0 thread that is totally irrelevant to someone wanting to do the Mod?


An Opinion on something that has Zero mechanical fit to the slot is not very useful.

Nice commercial photo, but not charts or graphs!

At least if you had posted curves it would have been more interesting as a read and you would have Actually Practiced what you Preach! 



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