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Is Bi-wiring my Reference speakers worth it?


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There is a lot of debate about this as well as the improvment from any cable modification. The best thing to do is try it for your self with some cheaper wire. If you like it then use better wire. I will say that I found it to be a better listening experience (bi-wire that is).

Don't forget to take the brass couplings off otherwise you'll need new speakers.


Come on honey why can't I spend some more money?

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I have Audio Quest Type 6+ for the highs(previously used for full range) and some Radio Shack 12 gauge for the lows.

Hard to describe the improvement. In Rock the drums and bass guitar sound more real. Female vocals seem more open or less cluttered(overpowered) by the rest of the music.

Listening to Holst "The Planets" now and the Cello sounds like you can hear the windings on the strings.

It is cheap to try

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I didn't notice a big improvement when bi- wiring. It's usually when you switch back to your old configuration that you can tell the differences in any changes you've done. The only thing I could tell right off was that I could turn my receiver up just a hair more with out distortion. It's worth a shot, but just don't expect some huge difference and you won't be disappointed. smile.gif Note: Bi-amping is also an option...

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I did and I recomend trying it

Double wire, with the gold spade ends, gave better focus and fuller sound across the spectrum on an infrequently used Earl Klugh's Greatest Hits CD. On Diane Krall's wonderfully clean and simple CDs, the cymbals come alive - they sizzle like cold water splashed on hot sauna rocks.

Some tweaks remove color from the sound: This one seems to add it. The single best word that I can use to describe it is "lush."

Some tweaks cost a lot of money: This one does not. On a scale of one to ten, where the very best speakers are easily 8s, 9s and even 10s, this tweak is a 'one'. Wrapping my metal horns in soft gray window putty made a wonderful "two" on the scale.

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