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O.T. Nothing makes you feel old like your 20 year high school reunion notice.


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On 1/31/2005 9:29:11 PM cluless wrote:

I went to 3 different High schools...and a re-union at any of them is BEYOND FRIGHTFUL

That makes 2 of us 2.gif

I never want to associate with those places or people (except a few friends) again. Worst 4 years of my life. I didn't have any problems, but the people were like the ones on the OC. Rich, spoiled, wimpy, snobby, arrogant kids who were 100% image and nothing else.

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My 20th was 2 years ago, but I'm in the Middle East and that's way too much effort for people I barely remember.

"I went to my 10th, but that was TWENTY YEARS AGO. The girl I dumped in the 11th grade was married to the drummer from KISS and had been a Playmate of the Year by that time. You never would have guessed it when she was 16."

That's pretty good, but I think I can top it. At my 10 year reunion, a girl showed up that no one remembered. HE had been a bit strange in High School!


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Went to my 26th last year (our slow class couldn't get it together in time for a 25th). I recall walking up to the party and thinking "who are all these old people?" . At first I thought I had gone to the wrong reunion. Then I looked closely into a mirror 6.gif .

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