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Anyone listen to an FM tuner?


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Pioneer TX-900. Dr. Dave aligned it and gave it a good going over. Great Unit.

Rochester has, in my opinion, some of the worst stations. Unless you like elevator music.

One of the stations (my wife wakes up to, -I turn while she's in the shower - they yap about their kids, what they did last night, stupid contests "you're the 10th caller you're eligible to join the other 3,000 to have your named picked."

What happened to call and win?

The oldies station let a walking encyclopedia of information about oldies go. They have about a 30 song playlist.

I catch out of town. Or play cassettes in my 20 year old truck -looks almost new.


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I can't stand the quality of the FM tuner anymore, it just doesnt sound dyanmic to me like a real CD.

It used to sound great, until i upgraded to a high end computer sound card and started using web internet radio sterams. Which there are literally millions of.

Good stuff. ;)

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I listen a lot to FM on my Fanfare FT1A. I use a Fanfare 5 element yagi antenna to lock in on the stations. The FT1A sounds great all the time with my Heresy IIs but especially on live NPR broadcasts. To my ears it's as good as CD. I paid $100 extra to get the Kimber silver internal wiring when I ordered the FT1A a couple years ago. I lot of money for a tuner but I really use it.

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Well, we've got the original Bob and Tom yuk-yuk radio right here in Indy- Hate it. I don't think I've even had an antenae hooked up for a decade, but now that I'm getting back into classical and jazz, might do so, just for NPR. It's about the only thing worth listening to. We had a great small town station nearby that I swore stole my teenage record collection and played old 'b' sides at night, but that got changed to 80's teenybop station where the DJ's play until post time (when the song lyrics start) Hate it!


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