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OT: Help me outfit my new home office


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I've decided that trying to do work on my overly fast, glowing, distracting, vacuum-cleaner loud state of the art computer is silly. Then I relized my Epson 740 printer from five years ago is showing its age.


...New toys time!

Except... I have no idea what sort of things I'd need to be as effective as possible at getting things done.

I figured I would outfit the office with a low budget, _very_ quiet computer. The Mac mini comes to mind, however I suppose an iBook might do as well. Any inputs on which would be more useful? I don't do tons of traveling, but do move about a decent bit. I've never owned a laptop so if you have, share your feelings. :)

Printer... I have no idea what to get. It just needs to be able to quickly churn out pages of black+white text, while being _very_ reliable and using inexpensive ink. Nowadays all I see are these fancy color photoprinters and whatnot... back in my day I used a dot-matrix printer with one color: slightly-black. 3.gif

Palm Pilot: I currently have a Palm Pilot T3, but am looking at one of the Windows things with WiFi wireless.. does anyone have experience with these?

Also any ideas for other misc. office equipment such as book shelves, good ways of lighting the room, etc. etc. would also be appreciated. I figured on raiding an Ikea store for the desk/chair/etc.

Total budget: ~2-5k, however spending less is a good thing. :-)

Thanks guys.

Oh, I almost forgot...

...which compact bookshelf speakers would offer the best bang-for-buck in a small room? Paradigm Atoms? Quintets w/a small sub? Thats the most important part of course. 11.gif

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I use an iMac, the round base with 17" monitor on a stick. NO NOISE AT ALL! I do have inkjet printers for color, but send to a Brother MFC8420 combination black laser printer/scanner/fax for quick and inexpensive black on white paper. A simple switcher gets me from one printer to the other. You'll get the awesome iTunes jukebox, which I send from computer to a Yamaha receiver and two Dahlquist speakers, but you could use whatever you wanted for sound playback device.

ALso ganged in is a desk PC computer by MTech. They are like Dell, an internet only company I was turned on to by a friend in NASA. If it's good enough for them, it works for me. mtechlaptops.com (they mostly sell laptops, but do desk machines as well.

Good shopping


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