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Updating Epic CF-2? Plugging port?


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I have a pair of old epic cf-2's that I dearly love and would like to bring some new life too. Recently I added a subwoofer and was wondering if my cf-2's would benefit form sealing the front port on the bottom (single port on my cf-2). Basically turning it into a sealed system. Or if there are any upgrades I do (crossover, speakers, etc).

If not I am afraid my quest for audio enlightment will retire my cf-2's into the basement.

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Plugging the port will not damage anything and will reduce the bass output near the port's resonance. It might even increase the output at deeper frequencies, slightly. Try it.

I've never seen a CF-2, so I don't know what else might be done.


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Old???? Come on, they were last made in 96...What kind of equipment are you using? What about your speaker placement? There were three versions of the CF-2's. I know the third version had quite a shorter port than the previous editions, along with a couple other minor changes. What is it about the sound now that is lacking in your opinion? I've always enjoyed my pair and with some recent upgrading of cables and etc, they will never leave my house...Let me know....

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You will not harm the CF-2's by plugging the ports. It will certainly change the sound in the low bass. Plugging ports will change the tuning of the low freqency system, making it further from the intended performance. Why not just run the CF-2's from the sub high pass out? That would likely yield more accurate results.

No harm in trying the experiment. If you like the results, you can keep the plugs and if you later change your mind it should be easy to reverse.

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I have a pair of CF-2's and am not quite sure what you are saying by "Why not just run the CF-2's from the sub high pass out?"



Family Room


Hitachi 43UWX10B HDTV (16:9)

Denon AVR-4800

Panasonic DVD-RP91K (Progressive Scan & DVD-Audio)

Dual CS-5000 Turntable w/Shure V15V-MR

DBX 3bx Series III Range Expander

Klipsch Epic CF-2's (mains)

Klipsch KLF-C7 (center)

Klipsch RS-3's (surrounds)

SVS 20-39CS Sub w/Samson S700 Amp

Monster HTS-3500 Line Conditioner

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Digital Cable box

Monster M-500 Component Video cables

Monster Datalink 100 Digital Coaxial cables

Radio Shack Gold Series for all other audio interconnects



Mitsubishi 31" TV

Yamaha M-4 Amp

Yamaha C-4 Preamp

Yamaha T-7 Tuner

Teac DVD Player

Dual CS-721 Turntable w/B&O MMC2

Looking for a pair of Heresy's

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