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"Led Zeppelin" and "Finding Nemo" go deep!

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Guest Anonymous

I started the "Music vs. HT Sub" thread a little while ago. From advise and knowledge gained in that thread, my HSU Research VTF-3 MK 2 recently arrived and was brought online; thank you.

What did I learn about choosing a sub? In a given price range, find the one that goes the deepest, plays the loudest and has the flattest response across its frequency response range. A lot of subs may go deep or play loud, but if they don't have a relatively flat dB response curve, they won't sound the way a sub should.

For me, I did find the best of both worlds. This sub definately goes loud and deep! (In Max. Extension and Max. Output modes {"VTF" Variable Tuning Frequency} this unit easily goes to 20 Hz and 25 Hz @ +/- 1 dB.) Also, its flat response curve throughout the specified frequency range makes for smooth bass transitions with the rest of the system.

I don't "Kick Out the Jams" like I used to, but since my wife and kids were out of the house during set-up of the the sub, I just had to try. For the music test it realy wasn't that hard of a choice, what else, but track(s)# 8. "Moby Dick" and 9. "Bring It On Home" from Led Zeppelin II. Can you think of a better choice to test a sub than John Bonham on the drums/kick-drum and John Paul Jones on the bass guitar? Let me tell you, I have never heard them so loud and deep since I last heard them live many moons ago. (I always knew my Heresy(s) were lacking a "little" bass.)

As far as my HT test, I have read a lot of people reference scene# 25 "Darla!" from "Finding Nemo". In my old set up it never realy struck me as that big of a deal. Now, it's like night and day. Talk about feeling shock waves (without distortion) when she taps on the glass, I never knew what I was missing! I think the boys and I just might be watching "The Incredibles", "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo" all over again. When they go to bed, I bet "Saving Private Ryan" and some other classics make thier way to our "little" big screen in the near future.

Wow, .............a "little different from the KSW-10! I guess now we are Baptised into the real bass world.

Klipsch don't despair, my loyalties have been and still are with you. I have never owned another brand of loudspeaker since I bought my first pair of Heresy(s) 20+ years ago. You will be in my next upgrade.

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Great to hear you like your new sub.

I never really have been a fan of the Finding Nemo Darla scene, however. It's very loud, but I don't think it shows the capability of a sub as well; it's a good demonstration of higher frequency rumbling bass, but no subsonics. Try Matrix Revolutions, one of the latter scences where the floating machine city sphere speaks to Neo. Now that's impressive! Never spec'd it out, but it makes my vision blur. 9.gif

Try it out!

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CAS said, "Try Matrix Revolutions, at the end where the floating machine city sphere speaks to Neo. Now that's impressive! Never spec'd it out, but it makes my vision blur."

If you have whimpy surround sound speakers this scene will just exploit that too. The RS 7's just about made me jump out of my seat in this one. I can only imagine a finished basement with Cornwalls as the 4 surround speakers... It is going to be scarey!!

Actually yes, the Darla scene is pound pound pound... but it is the next one that follows with the Pelicans...to me, that really shows off a great system! Just the Sharks voice on a big center channel is soo Disney esq.... Wonderful, captivating, and makes movies at home just incredible...

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