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How to ship one Belle

horn player

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Hey HP....if you're not stuck on the original carton then I would recommend seperating the two pieces and shipping them seperately. I recently 'won' a Belle from e-bay and had it shipped this way. The benefit was that the two sub-pieces now were each under the maximum size criteria that UPS has. Depending on where it's shipping from/to, this should be the cheapest way to ship. Leaving it whole in the original carton I believe would foist you into the realm of 'shipping freight', and the high cost(s) associated.



Fronts: Pre-1955 Klipschorns (slightly modified)

Center: 1984 Klipsch Belle

Sub: Klipsch KSW200

Surrounds: Tannoy PSM6.5's

Receiver: Denon AVR1701

Video: InFocus LP350 DLP front projector

Satellite: DishNetwork 4722 (DD5.1)

DVD: Panasonic A320

S-VHS: Panasonic PV-S7670

LaserDisc: Pioneer CDL-406

CD: Kenwood CD-404 5-Disc Changer

EQ (for CD player only): Furman E151X2

Protection: Furman AV1215 Power Condition/Voltage Reg

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