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Online Poll - Which Sounds Better


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I'll throw my hat in with all the other folks who prefer the "Heritage" line. I certainly love my Forte IIs and would have loved to have the Chorus IIs but couldn't afford them. New stuff is good, but I certainly lean to the old models.

On fini's note, I am way interested in booking that next trip to Hope. I just missed out on the first visit and already told the wife I am headed to Hope when the next trip becomes reality. I know there are at least two people up here in the NE (myram) that will be heading down!

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To my ears the RF series sounds better(minus the RF-3).

I find the RF-3 harsh at high volumes,the KLF30 is much less agressive in comparison!

The RF-5 is another story,I am still breaking these wonderful speakers in and the sound is better and better.Even fresh out of the box the sound is good!

Any good speaker needs a break in,someting tells me the RF-7's will be even better. Smile.gif

From what I remember I prefer the RF-5's to the KLF30.

And I did listen to the big KLF with very high quality gear(over $20000 worth,Sugden Master Class!).

I will go then with the RF-5 and 7,two great Klipsch speakers.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I prefer the KLF-30s to the RF-3s, even though it's a tradeoff (more slam and emotion to the '30s, more detail with the RF-3s).

I prefer the RF-7s to both of these. More detail than both the KLF-30s and RF-3s, and nearly (though not completely) as much slam and emotion as the 30s.

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I agree GeorgeC,the KLF30 gets the nod over the RF-3,easy pick here.

KLF efortless,RF-3 becomes agressive fast.

RF-5 's are much more smooth and get my vote,I have to listen to the RF-7 for several long hours.So far I can tell the RF-7's should be efortless like few.The slam provided by the two 10" mid-bass drivers should be very close to the KLF30.

Again my vote goes to the RF-5 and 7.Overall

Some will prefer the hoarn loaded midrange of the KLF30's and 20's.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I compared the KLF30 and the RF7. I find the RF7 to have less detail then the KLF30. I think there is really something to be for separate tweeter and midrange drivers. Also, I don't believe in the "speaker break in" thing, I think it is your ears getting use to the new speakers. But that's just my opinion, humble as it maybe Biggrin.gif


KLF-30 mains

KLF-C7 center

KLF-30 side surrounds

KG 3.5 rear surrounds

KSW200 subwoofer

Denon AVR5800

Pioneer Elite DV-09

Pioneer Elite PD-F19


Sony Playstation 2

Denon MD1000

Vidikron Epoch D-600

Vutec 100" 4:3 1.5 gain

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ColaBear speaker "break in" does improve sound.The sourrounds and the spider(centers VC)loosen up to adegree(more or less depending on design and materials).

After break in the overall sound is more smooth,true some claim gross gains.

The truth is like you said ears do adjust to the speakers.This may cause "the break in" effect too.

Now we should talk about "ears break in". Smile.gif

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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