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Fostex or single driver fans will be interested to know

Daddy Dee

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That David at www.commonsenseaudio.com has designed a 6.5 and 8.0 inch speaker to compete with Fostex. I'd had a conversation with him a few months ago about some cabs for Fostex drivers. Was talking with him yesterday about some vintage gear and he asked if I'd seen his "Audio Nirvana" drivers on the site.

He sells Fostex and Lowther anyway, and what he told me was that he was working with a manufacturer hoping to turn out a speaker about as good as Fostex for less bucks. What he tells me is that he thinks the AN drivers are not only a good alternative economically, but actually beat the Fostex in sonics and have a still larger magnet.

Just FYI. I have no association or interest in commonsenseaudio.

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