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Hope plant closure

Lone Palm

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Lone Palm,

Man, I hope somebody is giving you some bad information, 'cause that would certainly not be a good development for klipsch fans. At least not for klipsch heritage fans. Of course, they could simply be consolidating production at another location. Indy?

We have been reassured all along that heritage production will resume when the new drivers are selected and the crossovers are appropriately tweeked. Until I hear otherwise from Master Bob or one of his worthy co-moderators, I am just gonna hang on to that and hope it ain't so.



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I don't think the Hope plant will close. There has been talk of moving engineering and customer support to the new Indy HQ for about a year. I'd hope they'd wait until the school year is over, though. I'll bet that was the start of the rumor you heard.


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Chalk that one up to wild rumor. Hope is alive and well. The majority of Klipsch products are built at the Hope facility - including Heritage - at least they will be built there again once we get the driver situation taken care of...


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Guest Matt Whatley

Yes. Trey and I are now in Indianapolis!

The statement about manufacturing moving from Hope is indeed, as Jim said, a rumor.

Hello to all of my Klipsch Fan Club buddies.

-Matt Whatley

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Amen to that! HOPEfully there will be another visit planned to the Arkansas facility early next year. I'd really like to see where I lost my heart and ears to. Er, well, at least my ears, my heart belongs to my wife. Smile.gif

Will there be enough interest in making a second pilgrimage?

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I wasn't able to go to the first pilgramage, as much as I wanted to. But I don't want to miss this next one. Count me in. I'm planning to drive from LA in a hot rod I designed from a hollowed out Klipschhorn (just kidding, but it would be quite a site, using a couple of Heresies behind the rear wheelbase for the sound! The Klipschmobile!)


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Sure, why not? Hope is not bad in Jan/Feb, and this time I might remember more of what I hear. Of course, I'm only 80 miles away...

There is a lot I forgot to look at in the museum and the plant as well. Then there was the visit with Paul and his wife. What a pair! I'm in if it makes...


Richard Hemmings

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Maybe we can caravan together? I see you're not too far away...maybe we can check out one another's system one day. I'm always looking for new ideas and am always interested in hearing new equipment...



Family Room


Hitachi 43UWX10B HDTV (16:9)

Denon AVR-4800

Panasonic DVD-RP91K (Progressive Scan & DVD-Audio)

Dual CS-5000 Turntable w/Shure V15V-MR

DBX 3bx Series III Range Expander

Klipsch Chorus (mains)

Klipsch KLF-C7 (center)

Klipsch Epic CF-2's (rears)

Klipsch RS-3's (rear surrounds)

SVS 20-39CS Sub w/Samson S700 Amp

Monster HTS-3500 Line Conditioner

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Digital Cable box

Monster M-500 Component Video cables

Monster Datalink 100 Digital Coaxial cables

Radio Shack Gold Series for all other audio interconnects



Mitsubishi 31" TV

Yamaha M-4 Amp

Yamaha C-4 Preamp

Yamaha T-7 Tuner

Teac DVD Player

Dual CS-721 Turntable w/B&O MMC2

Looking for a pair of Heresy's

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Klipsch is creating a state of the art engineering center in our Indianapolis headquarters. In fact, though we just moved into our building at the very end of last year, we will expand to create this new facility. Plans are quite far along. Once the center is ready, we will move most (but not all) of our engineers into the new digs.

Hope will not close. Our goal is to make it even better than it is today.

We are happy to receive the next pilgrimage to Hope, but we will have to be consulted on the timing as activity in Hope has to be accommodated.

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  • Klipsch Employees


You know me, if I can get in on it I will.

If this happens, I will be there...

If I can ever get my computer at the house to work, as it should I will start posting again....


Trey Cannon

Technical Support

Klipsch Audio Technologies

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