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My iFi review:

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I had to make the thing in Word. Perhaps Ill code it in html the proper way so its faster as has correct word wrap around pictures, but this gets the point across, and I gave you guys plenty of pictures :)

enjoy... this took quite a while to make

Start here:


direct page links (if needed)




Test Drive



Also, if there are any corrects I need to make or if I have misstated a certain facts, please let me know. Thanks

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hmm...24 hours no replies.. where is Andy?

I have some questions for him.

1. I want to know if the amp is BASH and what differences it has in terms of making sure it wont die, over older pm amps. If you cant answer that its fine.

2. Does it really have a close to Ultra sub FQ response. I honestly guessed at the -3dB because it was not posted, but all you're reference stuff is measured by the 3, NOT the 5dB like the Promedia. This sort of bridges the two products lines so I was not sure, but assumed the -3dB number for the review.

3. Is the subwoofer driver aluminum? I did not dare take the grill off this sub because I was VERY careful with the system (It actually is a gift I got for someone else) The driver looks like its a reference driver, but it could also be painted silver paper composite.

4 Is the subwoofer finished in vinyl or paint? It looks like silver paint upclose!

5. I worked hard on this, I hope Klipsch appreciates it even if its a crappy review which it probably is because its my first, but I would like one favor from Amy. Can I please have my old account name back?

Thank you.

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Blackmesa, very nice professional job there. I can see that it took some critical thinking and a lot of effort to assemble that. Nice job!

I hadn't thought about a dedicated 2.1 for my wife's iPOD, but after reading your review, it might do very well as an office system.

Thanks for inspiration 2.gif

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hmm...24 hours no replies.. where is Andy?

I have some questions for him.

I was at home, or at the Pilgrimage this weekend. I ignore work as much as possible on the weekends.

1. Not BASH. The amp is Class D, so the amp panel stays relatively cool. The power supply is a toroidal transformer.

2a. Close, but not quite. The box is smaller, and we couldn't tune it quite as low. The Ultra sub has more power and dual 8"s, but I prefer the sound of the iFi sub.

2b. Honestly I don't remember the spec right now, but certainly there is no lack of deep bass. Floor/Wall/Corner loading changes the shape of the low end response a bit, but I recall that in a corner, the output is 'flat' to about 30-32Hz, then start to roll off below that.

3. Not aluminum. The cone is painted. Please don't take the grill off. It's considered a safety barrier to hazardous voltages.

4. Vinyl.

5. I haven't read it yet, but I will! BTW thanks for the nice comments on the sub in the other threads. We like it too.

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I've mentioned this elsewhere... I think...

The RSX-3 sats that come with the iFi are made specifically for the iFi. They won't work with other systems, and other speakers won't work with the iFi.

(OK, technically they work, sound comes out, but they won't sound right)

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Not yet, but I would be surprised if they didnt sound good, but Andy seems like hes holding something back from us? The rsx-5's were a huge improvement over my pm sats even if the crossover was not a perfect mate.

However, the RSX-5's need a pretty big subwoofer to keep up!

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