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Ksw-15 vs Rsw-15

Joe DiClemente

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Here's what JimG, the Klipsch moderator, had to say about the RSW vs KSW issue (this is cut and pasted from the "Specs" thread a little ways down this forum):

"...The RSW's sound pretty different from the KSW's. Obviously, output levels are far greater with the RSW's - in fact, above 30Hz, the RSW-10 has pretty much the same output as the KSW-15, but the KSW-15 is tuned lower and therefore has better output at 25Hz. The RSW's also have a pretty flat frequency response. They sound very "tight" and "quick" and are exceptionally "musical". The KSW's have a peak in their response curves that hovers around 60-70Hz. That makes them great for home theater, but is also why a lot of people don't like them as much for music. As far as tuning and response goes, I'd say the KSW-15 is the closest to the RSW's but even it isn't in the same category. The KSW's are still great subs as about anyone can attest to, but you get what you pay for...the RSW is a different league in performance and money both. There are lots of different tastes among many different customers and both lines of subs will appeal to many people in different ways. Ultimately, you need to listen to them in your room to make the decision yourself..."


Music is art

Audio is engineering

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I would like to add that I think you would probably regret getting the KSW 15 over the RSW 15.

Those RF-7's that you have will just leave the KSW 15 in the dust. It won't be able to keep up. Trust me - I know that with my RB-5's, my KSW 12 can't keep up. Your RF-7's are a lot more efficient, and deserve a sub that is in the same league. You spent some $$$ on those nice speakers - I wouldn't match them with a sub that isn't in the same class.

My $.02.


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I agree, get the RSW-15.

By the way, which color did you get your RC-7, RF-7s, and RS-7s in?


Home Theater (getting soon):

TV: Sony KV-ES34M80 (34" FD Trinitron WEGA)

DVD Player: Toshiba SD-5200

VCR: Sony SLV-ED100 (Hi-Fi VCR)

Receiver: Yamaha RX-V3000 or Denon AVR-4802

Speakers -

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Mains: Klipsch RF-7

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7

Subwoofer: None (Waiting for Klipsch RSW-15)

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If you have speakers like the Klipsch RF-5 or even better the RF-7's then the KSW15 is NOT an option.

I have a KSW12 and 15 and these(the two)are used with

one computer alongside my SB-3's and SB-2's(rear).

The bass has plenty of power and punch.

Now the RF-7's are in another league,the BIG leagues.

These monsters can play at helacious levels and with total ease.Even my "small" RF-5's will give drum tearing volume levels.The RF-7's should be cut around 40-50Hz and a REAL sub should take over.

When I say real this means a sub with solid output to 20Hz and a sub that can keep up with the RF-7's at almost any volume!This is not a small feat.

The RSW looks(I have yet to take them home and make a full test) to have what it takes to keep up with the large Klipsch speakers.

I always buy a sub that can more then keep up.

For example I may use a Aerial SW12 with the Dynaudio Contour 1.8

Revel B15 and Aerial SW12 with the Dynaudio Contour 3.3's .Just to be sure the subs dont start touching the limits.

All in all my subs more then keep up with my speakers,I did tests and its A ok.

So for the RF-7's the only subs that can keep up are...

Revel B15(one should do)

Sunfire Signature(yes it can when cut at 60Hz and lower)

Velodyne HGS18(one will do!) and maybe the HGS15(two may be needed!)

two Aerial Acoustics SW12(just for efortless output)

two Sunfire Mark II(two tiny cubes will rock the room )

And I think the RSW15 should keep up very well(even ONE RSW15!)

two Paradigm Servo-15(yes two)

I cant wait to try the RSW15 at home

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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theears, i think i know what you're saying, but what's your definition of a sub keeping up? loudness which is measurable in spl or something like definition or transient response which seems to be more subjective.

this was a past issue here & just curious what u think

on it.

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My definition of a "sub that keep up" LOL

Say you have a pait of Klipsch RF-7's and a Bryston 11B or Krell FPB600 power amp.This combination can play at extreme levels with very little compression or breakup.

Extreme is above 120dB...IN ROOM!Not measured at a 1 meter distance in front of the speaker(s).This is LOUD,its extreme for the human ear(s).

Now say you add a sub and this sub begins to distort,bottom out,sound compressed,limiters kick in,vent noises start to be audible ALL BEFORE 120dB,then the sub CANNOT KEEP UP.

Subs should be matched to speakers and rooms.

A Sunfire Junior is plenty for ProAc Response 1SC or Dynaudio Contour 1.1's.

It will not keep up with say a Wilson Grand SLAMM or K-Horns.As these speakers can generate EXTREME VOLUME LEVELS WITH EASE.

So for large speakers you should use large and/or multiple subs.I have plenty of sub power to keep with ANY two tower speakers ever made for home use.

When I pump up the volume to realistic and live levels the subs remain composed,dont lose definition,dont start to sound distorted and there is never a time when I can hear any amp clip ot driver aproach its limits.

This is why I use multi KILOWATT amplification and multiple KILOWATT subs with super duty drivers.

I hope this cleared this up


TheEAR(s) Now theears

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This belongs near the end of my last post. Thank you

"Now say you add a sub and this sub begins to distort,bottom out,sound compressed,limiters kick in,vent noises start to be audible ALL BEFORE 120dB,then the sub CANNOT KEEP UP."

The thing here is to match the sub to the speakers.

You dont use a RSW15 with Quintets

And you dont use a KSW10 with KLF30's


Its like using fireworks as main thrusters to make a Saturn V take off!Or Saturn V first stage thrusters on a Mercury rocket. LOL

Clear no

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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yea klegg, at 1st he told me i'd need 2 ct-150 probably

stacked or 1 hgs-18. so i upgraded the hts-15 to the 18. now it's 4 hgs-18. i think the 1 hgs-18 sounds fine w/ my set-up. on the listening couch i'm only about 12 ft from the sub. maybe if i ever get a new house i'll get another sub but i'm completely maxed out on space now. cwm14.gif


Klipsch KLF 30 (front)

2-KLF C7 (front center & rear center)

Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-18 sub woofer

Marantz SR-8000 receiver

Acurus A200X5 power amp

Sony DVP-C650D 5-disk cd/dvd player

Sony Trinitron 27" stereo tv

Toshiba hi-fi stereo vcr

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 digital cable box

Monster HTS2500 & HTS1000 powercenters

Boa's Listenin Lounge:

Klipsch RF-3, RC-3

Sony STR-DE935 a/v receiver

Kenwood KR-9600 AM/FM stereo receiver (vintage 1975)

Russound AB-2 receiver switch to RF-3

Teac PD-D1200 5-disk cd changer

Technics SL-1950 turntable/AT LS500 cartridge

Technics dual cassette deck

rock on!

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The RSW-15 has the guts and output to keep up with any of Klipsch' main speakers. It was more than enough to keep up with the Jubilees (108dB/w/m?) at what must have been 110 dB or more on the peaks when we watched The Matrix in Hope (it hurt). The system had Jubilees as mains, a Belle as Center and K-horns as rear surrounds, each channel has a 200 watt power amp; the gunshots were breathtaking!


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The Klipsch RSW15 should be very close to the HGS18,

I know it will not give more output at 30Hz then the HGS18.The HGS18 has a mighty 18" woofer with a 2" peak to peak.This means AIR IS MOVED,ALOT OF AIR.

And then you have the tiny Sunfire Signature(13" cube)

with 117.3dB at 30Hz! Two tiny Sunfires Signature would generate over 123dB @ 30Hz.And the BIG Velo was corner loaded for the maximum output test!

Now you can see why with all my subs I can claim such a huge output!

Oh an the Revel B15 with a 15" driver beats the largest most powerful Velo in output and quality!

The Revel B15 uses a 15" driver with a 3" peak to peak cone travel.1000W RMS amp and can belt out almost 125dB at 30Hz!This is for ONE sub!


I would like to compare the SVS Ultra to the above subs. Smile.gif

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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yea theears, i've seen the revel b15 go over 126db in some reviews. dat loud.

now quality... some may ask why the hgs w/ an 18" & 3000W peak amp can't match the b15 in spl. that's where the quality factor comes in. take off the servo/accelometer circuitry & the hgs-18 would do much more than 123db corner loaded.

but the hgs is there for the quality factors. u get distortion levels lower than other subs that don't come close in spl (.5-1% vs 10-20%)

most quality assessments are subjective, but at least the distortion is measurable. just wanted to get in my quality side opinion LOL. for the output it does, i've heard no other sub (though i've never heard the b15) that matches the hgs-18 in clean, defined, musical bass.

just my room & ears Biggrin.gif

theears, realize the b15 has a built-in equalizer, but will be curious if you do an a-b w/ your new hgs-18.

This message has been edited by boa12 on 09-24-2001 at 01:16 AM

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I've listened to the Revel B15 & it does put out some huge bass quantity. But if you look at their specs they dont give any specs on distortion. Just "low distortion". Wonder why?

Everything else on quality isnt measureable. Just opinion like Ears. The Velo Hgs not only beats the Revel in extension & output down low but also in distortion, musicality, and definition down low.

Overall it's the sub everybodys trying to beat. Or beat down cause they cant afford it. Can't keep up? Give me a break!


go forth & hump the world

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