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Finally done spending $$$ for a while....My New Setup


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I am glad you finally got the Sunfire hooked up, looks great! I couldn't get excited about the silver color, but in your system it looks very nice! My system is lacking the big screen and the matching center and rears, those will come!

I have been spending a lot of time tweaking and playing with the Sunfire set-up, have you (or do you need to) flash update the internal TGIV software? I beleive the going software is 4.18, and the flash up-date is pretty easy...If your sub is up to snuff (mine wasn't till I added an SVS to the system) I would leave the RF-7's small...let the low frequencies go to the sub..You woulnd't happen to know what the low end cross-over is for the RF-7's would you?...I am just curious...The tone generator is real loud, don't you think? I set all fo the speakers with my meter at 85 db, and the tone sent to the sub was enough to scare the absolute crap out of my cats, when the modulations started rattling the table the light fixtures...

I haven't been able to get the holographic imaging to work, but I am still working on it...

I am going to get Dean to do me some crossovers for the fronts too, if you get it done soon, let me know what you think.


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Mine came shipped with 4.18. So far it's working great.No bugs yet....McMcgoo had sent me a pm about setting the crossover point and he stated the following:

"The standard advice is to set your crossover one full octave above your speaker's lowest frequency, 32 Hz for the RF-7. That would put the crossover for the RF-7 at 60 Hz. I use 50 Hz because my processor does not offer 60 Hz. If you use a lower point, you may not get a seamless transition, i.e., you may have a hole in your lower frequencies. As a result, mine are currently at 60.



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Did you try with the mains a bit closer to one another(let speakers breathe more ,away from side and back walls)?

I have RF7's and like any speakers too close to the side walls is never good for sound.At least 1-1.5M from side walls and 1 M from back wall.Your system will sound,even better.I have experimented with many placements and the best results are always away from walls,only subs should be closer to walls.The larger RF7's are capable even when cut at 40Hz.

What frequency isyour subwoofer cutoff?


Sunfire ...GOOOOOOD 9.gif I have a god few Bob Carver products myself.Way to go,great component choice 1.gif

I have the same pre/pro and amp...only in black.The new silver finish is gorgeous.Sunfire/Klipsch and SVS are a great combination.

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Very nice setup. Toe in is really up to your liking. This can be good for one area and bad for another. Try and find the sweet spot with nice pin point imaging, and a wide soundstage. Also placing them a little closer together is a matter of preference as well. You may loose some of your soundstage width, but you will probally gain better midrange detail ( I would go with what the Ear said. The clarity you gain in the mids will probally expand beyond your speakers physical dimensions. More 3 dimensional). Man your tv must be big it makes the 7's look kind of smallish.

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I would love for your input on my Sub....Here is what I currently have everything set to:


Sunfire : L-R 60

Sunfire : C 80

SVS Sub:

Phase 180

Crossover Disabled but knob is set around 85

SubSonic Filter @ 20hz

Thank you for your input....


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