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Hearing is believing- '63 Khorns get a pitstop


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I recently sent the crossovers and tweeters from my circa 1963 Klipshorns to Bob Crites for rebuilding. I have owned these speakers since 1976 and have listened to them virtually every day since purchasing them. I use recent McIntosh amplification and CD player nowdays and used to use circa 1961 Harmon Karden Citation I and II. Anyway, I suppose the crossover caps slowly deteriorated and my ears aged with them. I thought the speakers always sounded fine but did seem to lack clear highs. I can say now that with the rebuilt crossovers and tweeters (I replaced the diaphrams in the mids as well) these speakers have never sounded so clear and sparkling. There is a fresh preciseness to the sound that is truly a joy to listen to. I understand that these crossovers were somewhat unusual but the design specification sure works great. Thanks to Bob for a job well done.


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