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can i please get a definitive answer? amy?

killed radio star

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Originally posted by sane1:

guys i'm having the same problem and i'm in college too and did not have this problem back home. I started a post to find out if i need to change my system settings. I'm also having problems with my sub. Do u guys find ur sub not acting that powerfull as once was and ur speakers ( i think the ones in the back) being too powerfull like thumping much more then the sub. its freakin weird and annoying. But i must say that when the volume isn't cranked up the 4.1s sound awesome. its just when i go beyond half way with the volume on the control pod speaker.

sane1, it occurs to me that you may have a bass boost in the software, which can have the effect of exaggerating the midbass frequencies at the expense of the lows. Then, when you turn it up, you are getting a lot of midrange cone motion, and possibly reaching the limit of their excursion (causing driver distortion).

The solution is to crank down the bass setting in the software to midpoint, and crank up the sub level control a like amount. Guaranteed that that will sound better.

The "dorm room" effect could also be impacting you. See if you can get the sub closer to one of the room corners, or change your listening position a little.


Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is


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i paid a visit to creativehelp.com and went through their cleansweep process of the sblive drivers. all seemed to be going well until i tried installing the new drivers. as per usual, i didn't get a peep out of the speakers once the new drivers were running. it's strange, the windows mixed shows that there's output.

i should probably switch sound cards regardless - creative software is awful.

i tested the back channels with my portable cd player - once again, crystal clear.

i'll try to coerce someone to let me borrow their box temporarily cwm11.gif

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