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Boston Acoustics, an alternative to the Tivoli

Mighty Favog

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Hello all,

I need to get a new radio for the bathroom. The one that is in there works but it can only get so loud while I'm taking a shower and the exhaust fan is on (I haven't measured the cumulative noise of the two because my SPL meter is stationary in the main system).

Seeing that Bose is out of the question and budget and the Tivoli flat out doesn't get loud enough I'm looking at the Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio. Saw it in a Crutchfield catalog but I'm not dedicated to that company only.

So I need to see if any of you have experience with one and does it get louder than the Tivoli.

I listen 95% of the time to AM talk radio in the morning during the morning routine.

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Well that figures...the whole idea just got shelved (oh, that was bad :) ).

The laser just went south on my Mac MVP841 so now that has to go in for service. There is an authorized service center here in town but I have to call to see if they have the equipment (and talent) to align it. If not, it'll go back to NY to the factory.

Now there's ~$500 I had a better use for....like fixing my Stihl 025 chainsaw (needs a new magnito pick-up) just so I can get some firewood cut for the winter.

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