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Speakers near heat?


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I bought the 4.1 set and im trying to figure out the placement for them. I am concerned though. The placement of the 2 rear speakers are about 5 feet from a woodstove. I am concerned the heat may damage them? I am guessing the temps can get well over 100 in the area where the speakers are placed will they be ok? I guess if I had to maybe I could mount the on the ceiling as a last resort. Any help will greatly be appriciated thanks.

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eek! we have a wood burning stove in teh downstairs of our house, it gets EXTREMELY hot. It melted my Sega Game Gear which was a few feet away... I would advise against that, inless they are 5 feet away from teh stove pipe, i know it gets well over 130*F at teh stove, you can boil water on it, dry your clothes up to 3 feet from it, and melt game gears up to 2 feet from it. Is there any other place you can put it?



I am an amateur, but if it is professional help you want email Amy or call her toll free: 1-888-554-5665


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Speakers should ALWAYS stay away from heat sources.

The main reason is the speaker sourrounds will dry fast and crack!This is the primary cause of speaker going bad after the physical damage of overpowering the speakers(and amp clip).

And speakers should not be placed in direc sunlight,this will damage the cabinet(UV rays are not only bad for living creatures like...humans)and again the sourrounds(often foam)will dry up and fall apart after several years.

So keep AWAY the speakers from radiating heat sources,I had almost killed my sourround on my Sunfire active driver!I forgot to put some Mink oil in the driver sourrounds and the driver was too close to an electrical heating radiator!I saw it on time and now its solved,I put Mink oil on ALL driver shourrounds.

I doubt you need to do the same if the sats and sub are not in direct sunlight or away from heatsources.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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You could place a thermometer near the speakers, or the speaker nearest the vent, and see how hot they get.  You should probably find a way to support the thermometer at least an inch above the desk, allowing the air to go above and below the thermometer.  This is to ensure that you're measuring the temperature of the air and not the temperature of the desk.  If it stays below 90F/32C, your speakers should be safe.


If the temperature of the area turns out to be too high for the continued health of your speakers, and you'd prefer not to move them, you could fit an air deflector to the hot air vent, which will direct the warm breeze off in a safe direction.  You can get them at hardware stores.  They're usually made of clear plastic and are not very expensive.       

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On 12/26/2021 at 3:28 PM, Miranda said:

I have a pair of Promedia Klipsch 2.1 speakers that are on my desk in my room. The heater vent that i have on the wall is near the desk. It's down and to the left about a couple feet away. The vent itself never gets really hot. Is it still ok? Please reply

If it never gets hot it could be a return, if it never gets hot you answered your own question.

Unless it's blowing heat right at it it's nothing to worry about.

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