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Winamp EQ


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I have found a setting which I like (a slightly boosted midrange section is all really), but with this setting, or any for that matter, mp3's sound staticy. It's not on all music, but I notice a distinct amount of static added to some tracks when I turn the eq on.

FYI, none of the bands are set more then 3

dB above or below normal.

Is there a fix anywhere? I'm using the very latest version of winamp, and that mp3 decoder the other guy on here recommended (MAD or something, I actually like it slightly better then the winamp decoder).

If I raise some bands, do I have to lower others to compensate?

Try Moby's "Why does my heart feel so bad" for example, with and w/out eq settings.

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i think the "static" is just distortion. my theory is that winamp is sending bass to the satalites, and they cant handle it so they distort really bad. i never use the winamp eq for this reason, although in the later version it isnt nearly as bad as it has been.

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the eq by itself cant snd bass to the sats.

the crossover is in the pros.

it can, however, send way too much bass to the pros, and the quantity would be so high that the small amount of midbass that is sent to the sats would make them bottom out.

however, since the problem is described as static, i don't think it's the case.

i haven't noticed that problem with the winamp eq, but in audio it is known that eqs in general make the sound worse because they interfere... neways i don't think it applies to a soft eq like the winamp one.

maybe the mp3 is badly ripped and the eq is bringing out the faults in it...

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