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Crossover question on EV Aristocrat-Bob?


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I have a pair of EV Aristocrat speakers. These were built to a Klipsch design in the '50's. My question is, are there crossovers in these speakers and can they be rebuilt? Has anyone done this to this model? They don't appear to be easy to dissassemble. Anyone had them apart? Thanks.


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I have built some of the EV crossover designs. Actually just the X336 so far for the Georgian. I am working on figuring out the X2635 used in the Patrician. Do you know what EV crossover model was used in the Aristocrat?


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There were many flavors of the Aristocrat available from EV. Some

had a single speaker, an SP12 or SP12B, and no crossover. Some

had a single speaker, SP12TRX or SP12BTRX with a built-in T35 tweeter,

and no separate crossover. Some were two-way systems with a

woofer, SP12, SP12B, 12W or 12 BW, and a midrange horn and had an X-825

crossover. Some were three-way systems including an X-36

crossover and a T35 horn. Some had one or two AT-37 level

controls. And then there were the Aristocrat cabinets that were

purchased separately and filled as the customer liked.

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