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Using both A and B speaker simultaneously..

Underhanded Penguin

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I dunno about your reciever but on mine if I drive the a and b channels it automatically switches out of surround mode and into stereo. I have noticed that music sounds better when not in surround as that distorts the original intention of the music. If it has an a and a b section then there should be no problem at all. Some amps, like mine for instance has a low imp setting which I can use in stereo mode to drop the signal to 4 ohms for even louder music, man I am gonna be so deaf when I'm 50 it's not even funny!


Why do you like playing around with my little scope of reality?

I can feel it all start slipping away.....

See but I don't get it, don't you think maybe we can put it on credit?

I get stupified. It's all the same...

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