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I got really bad news today!


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Sometimes it's hard to come up

with words to describe how one feels.... Keep your chin high and your

family close and have some fun. Don't be so worried about what tomorrow

will bring. Instead enjoy the moment and relive the


I couldn't have said it better... lynnm, my best wishes and thoughts go out to you...


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I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Lynn. As terrible as cancer is, it can be beaten if detected early...hope yours was. About 18 years ago my grandmom was diagnosed with colon cancer and had to have her entire large intestines removed. But she beat it, and today is 85 years young, so miracles can (and do) happen! Keep the faith, and know that your fellow forum members are right here for you no matter the outcome.

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Thanks for the kind words folks!

In any event I have no intention of simply lying down and dying any time soon.

With luck I'll be around to raise a little hell for some time to come.

I think that the very anonymity of this forum makes it easier to disclose problems like this .

Earlier today I told my best friend and he left here looking worse than I felt at that point.

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Hi Lynn, I've often imagined coming out to Calgary or thereabouts and

hearing those Klipschorns that you dragged home from Pentiction.I still

hope to make that trip and hear what all the fuss is about.

Meantime, ditto to all the above comments and here's hoping and praying

you can kick this thing in the butt and get on with the life you seem to

enjoy so well. To you and your family - all the best. Hamish

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I think that the very anonymity of this forum makes it easier to disclose problems like this .

Earlier today I told my best friend and he left here looking worse than I felt at that point.


When my wife posted the last bit of bad news on her blog, no one posted

a reply for two days. Your friends who have to look you in the eye

don't know what to say. You will be far more of a testimony to them

than you can imagine. According to the stinkin' stats, my wife should

already be gone, but yesterday we were laughing with her doctor, and

eating dinner out and enjoying life.

You must do the same. Cancer doesn't rule you.


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Like Bruce said so well,people often dont know what to say when forum members have new like this.I am not going to say I will pray,I am not too religious but I will say keep your good outlook on life.You are a valued fellow Klipscher,and I wish you the best.

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I have always enjoyed your posts. I am sorry this has become your lot.

I have lost 3 grand parents to cancer and my father has prostrate

cancer at the moment, so I have a little feel for where you are. Keep

fighting the good fight as there has been so much progress with cancer

in the last few years. You will also be in my prayers. Keep us up to

date with what is happening.

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Sorry about your news, but let's see what Mark Twain himself has to say on this subject::

..as far as being on the verge of being a sick man I don't take any stock

in that. I have been on the verge of being an angel all of my life, but it's

never happened yet.

- Mark Twain, a Biography

One should not bring sympathy to a sick man. It is always kindly meant, and

of course it has to be taken--but it isn't much of an improvement on castor

oil. One who has a sick man's true interest at heart will forbear spoken sympathy,

and bring him surreptitious soup and fried oysters and other trifles that the

doctor has tabooed.

- Letter to Mary Mason Fairbanks

Sounds like we better start cheering you up. I'll start working

on a new opus, I'm thinking Craig and Neo on a raft heading down to New

Orleans to see a new-fangled invention by that feller called Tom

Edison, gramaphone I think he calls it. Until that's done, let us

know your musical tastes and I'll send out a packet of goodies, perhaps

some you haven't heard. I'm sure others would make a few


Can't let those Khorns get rusty while you're being poked and prodded by the doctors now, can we?

A very dear friend of mine with a history of seriosly ill health ends all his letters with the phrase" Be Well"

Be well, Lynn

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Wow... that is all too familair with myself. All I can say is hang in there, keep a positive attitude...and it will be hard, because Chemo really messes with not only your body, but your mind. Keep your loved ones close & have faith my friend... I have been there & know it all too well. I'll pray for you!

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Please try and maintain a positive attitude. I know 2 people that have beaten it, one is my sister. Maintain a solid frame of mind, and do your internet research, and ask your doctor lots of questions. I will keep you in my prayers, and look forward to continue reading your posts.

Chin up, eyes straight ahead and keep moving forward. If you need anything from an ostrich you've never met, I'll do what I can.

And thanks for the lead on the Fosgate tube processor.

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