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Name that Tune - No Cheating Using Computer Word Searches

Jeff Matthews

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Screw it... It's Marillion's 'Fugazi'. Geez... even when I recently saw Porcupine Tree - people in line were talking about them.

There are 2 Marillions. One with Fish and one without.

Fish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_%28singer%29

Marillion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marillion

Booohoo you guys. Carry on.

I've listened to alot of samples of Marillion, because I'm always looking for the good prog-- but M's vocals sound so precious, for lack of a better word -- whats the best one ot get?

Anyway youagain--its your challenge to post--if we are too stupid to get it you gotta post another that can be gotten--

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Bron-yr-aur Stomp off of Phys Graf.

There aint' no more shep gonna happen again.....

Somebody else go ahead, I just wanted to pop in and thank y'all for helping me get to 9000 posts- there's a thread here on General about it. Sad, ain't it?


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It was Cream's "NSU."

"Driving in my car, smoking my cigar,
The only time I'm happy's when I play my guitar.

Singing in my yacht, what a lot I got,
Happiness is something that just cannot be bought.

I've been in and I'm out, I've been up and down,
I don't want to go until I've been all around.

What's it all about, anyone in doubt,
I don't want to go until I've found it all out.back to top"

Try this:

"Any thing can happen, anything can end
Don't try to fight it, don't try to save me"

Name that Tune!

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I'll make this easier since the album was was probably not that mainstream.[H]

Had a friend, I heard she died

On a needle she was crucified

Baby that was years ago

I left it all behind for my

Cheap wine and a three-day growth

I don't mind takin' charity

From those that I despise

I don't really need your love

Baby you can shout at me

But you can't meet my eyes

I don't really need your love, I got my

Cheap wine and a three-day growth

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OK, so they are a bit obscure. [:$]

The band: Cold Chisel The album: East The song: Cheap Wine

How about an easy one done by 2 popular artists? This shouldn't take too long.

"Dethrone the dictaphone, hit it in it's funny bone, that's where they expect it least"
And some new-mown chaperone was standin' in the corner, watching the young girls dance

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