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What would you consider a worthy upgrade from RF7/RC7/RS7 setup?


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Do you listen to more music or watch more movies?

For movies I'd go with the Klipsch THX Ultra 2

For music I don't think you could beat a surround sound setup using

just cornwalls [H] And again I would recommend the Ultra 2 subwoofers

for this setup as well.

If you didn't want to totally revamp your system then i would look at

first upgrading your subwoofer. You might also considering going 7.1,

or even better getting full range sound in your rears (so more RF-7's).

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I would consider the Ultra THX system more of a lateral move than an upgrade, if you are looking to bring the whole system to another level it is going to be expensive to step up from what you currently have. Thr RF series is very nice and swapping some of your speakers for bigger reference will make a significant difference in the performance.

If you truly want the best of Klipsch offerings you need to go all horn loaded Heritage speakers for the cleanest, distortion free sound.

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"If you truly want the best of Klipsch offerings you need to go all horn loaded Heritage speakers for the cleanest, distortion free sound."

Insert warm, mellow bell tone here. This answer is correct.

The RF is a quality system, to be sure, but horn loaded Heritage (LaScala, vintage Belle, or Klipschorns) are on another level entirely. A half dozen Cornwalls wouldn't be bad, either[:)]

Much would depend on your room setup and usage too. As Frizn points out, you would also have a gain in performance by upgrading the smaller RF speakers to larger RF (like all RF7, for example) - which would be ideal if you listen to lots of multichannel music offerings. I run 6 Cornwalls - having 6 identical speakers in the theater certainly has it's benefits (like perfect timbre matching) - if your room will accomodate the speakers and proper setup.

If you have room for it, there is ONE single upgrade that will improve your system a great deal - replacing the center with a full sized main to match the others. This could be an RF-7, or could be three LaScalas, Belles, etc across the front soundstage. For me, having three identical mains across the front is almost a requirement (if one wants it done RIGHT), because the center channel is THE speaker in a theater setup. Movies anchor the sound to that center speaker, and up to 75% of multichannel sound goes through that center. In a 2 channel audio setup or multichannel music system, the main left and right are more important - but on movies (and yes, some music video, like The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over"), the center channel should be as good as the mains.

It is often a challenge to incorporate a full sized main at center - but this is the FIRST consideration one should have when building an HT. Reconfigure the HT to accomodate a full sized main at center, and you will have the best possible sound and matching - no matter what line/level of speaker you choose.

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If you wanted to stay with Yamaha and a HT receiver look at either the HTR 5890 , OR model

RX-V 2400. I think, comparing Price against preformance, that you'd be hard pressed getting

better sound, without spending much more more to achieve this goal!. Relax, take a deep breath, and repeat- "I am happy with my fabulous setup!"

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It depends on how much you want to spend.[:)]

As others have mentioned, I would upgrade your receiver. I would also purchase some Klipsch RF-7's or RF-5's to use along with the RS-7 as surrounds and then decided how to configure a "9.1" system. If you have the room, go Towers all of the way around, along with your RC-7 and RS-7's. If not, consider the RB-75 bookshelves for rears and/or side surrounds. Being able to add both A & B side surrounds is one of the features on the Denon that I REALLY like. IMHO, this setup sounds better than the Klipsch THX line for both movies and music.

I am not a Yamaha basher and in fact couldn't be persuaded to spend the extra money on the Denon initially--after hearing the CONSIDERABLE difference between the Denon AVR-3803 which replaced My Yamaha RXV -800 I realize that was a mistake.

I have 2 other Denon's (AVR 4802R &3805) that I traded for Yammies and I haven't been convinced that the extra money for separates, justified. My profile is listed below and the only "upgrade" I would consider in a larger room would be 5-7 LaScalas and adding two THX subs. [:o]
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will definetely look into upgrading the reciever. I was looking at going to seperates, but my one concern is that I won't hear the difference. [:o]

I guess I just need to go our and listen. The Heritage line would be awesome, but the WAF I know would not go for the looks. RF7's are already a big sell.

But out of curiousity what speakers would you buy outside of the klipsch family and consider that an upgrade?

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Consider getting the DeanG crossover upgrade for the RF-7; People

say it's worth it. Then consider a power amplifier to handle the

impendence dip of the RF-7.

Only consider Klipschorns if you have at least 18 feet of wall for them, IMHO.

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