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Cornwall question


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I am interested in this pair of Cornwalls as the Corns are close to home and wonder if anyone knows the production year and whether or not this model had well designed crossovers or not. I understand that some Corns had crappy horns and some had nice horns. What is the story on these? Since I am used to listening to a nice pair of '63 Khorns, will I be too spoiled for Cornwalls or do these speakers really sound great? Thanks.



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Bradkid <username on ebay> sounds like a kid...

the 5 sales do not bother me so much... We all start somewhere..

the grills are horrible.. torn faded...

one woofer has the dustcap pushed in....

Possible water damage??? Look carefully here...

I agree, ask to see them before auctions end and for pick up or pass... You might be ok.. but better to know for sure, if your going to spend anything over 500 on anything IMO esp on BIG speakers... Cornwalls are BIG speakers!!

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blimycapn wrote: "I understand that some Corns had crappy horns and some had nice horns"

I don't think any of the Cornwalls used "crappy horns". There were at least three shifts in mid horn/drivers I know of. This has been the subject of several threads here. IMO, if you like the sound of the 63 K-horns (assuming they are stock) you will probably want a pair of Cornwall Is, which were manufactured up til the early 80s. These use the same K55 midrange driver and K77 tweeter as K-horns of the same era, and they will match the sound of your K-horns well. There has been a lot of discussion here about the various flavors of the K55s Again, see the thread for what we _think_ was the cut-over to the so-called 1.5s. In the early to mids 80s, Klispch went to a plastic mid horn, flush mounted, with a Heppner-designed K52 driver, and a flush-mounted Heppner-designed (I think) tweeter, the K79. This created the Cornwall IIs. I have two pairs of 1986 models.

There are partisans in both camps, however, I think the Cornwall IIs with the K52/K601 mid and K79 tweeters are markedly better than the Cornwall Is or 1.5s. If you are trying to match your 63 K-horns, get Cornwall Is. If you want to create a second system, get Cornwall IIs.

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From the serial number they should be 1979 or 1980, cornwall Is. They should have the type B crosssover, less components....possibly/arguably "better' sounding than the B-2,B-3.....but may be more suseptible to damage from high level abuse.

The dust cap is no big deal, a few bucks, as long as it is intact and not letting in dust. Look to be in pretty good condition. For the opening big price, I would snap them up....even for up to $550-600 would be a fair price. Certainly look at them first, if possible.

They are GREAT speakers!

Since I have the cornwall 1.5s, I prefer them to the 1 or 2s....which I have not heard ;)

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