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K-horn question


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I have just purchased a pair of 1984 K-horns (Hallelujah!!). I also have a pair of 1988 Forte 1s that I will keep. Would like to have detailed information regarding each speaker. Here are my questions:

1. Are detailed crossover schematics available?

2. Are there modified crossover designs available?

3. Can I get working design drawings and speaker specifications?

The K-horns will be for music only. Fortes will probably be Front AV speakers. Thanks for the assistance.

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Go here for a great replacement crossover network.

I don't know which network came in "84 K-horns (Type AK?), so I can't provide a schematic. If yours have Type AKs and they are essentially the same as Type ALs, you should replace them soon.

There are construction plans available from Speakerlab and the easiest place to get them is from Ebay.com. You can find specifications on this web site.


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John is certainly right: Al Klappenberger's networks are G-R-E-A-T!!! and put the Khorns into even another league. Another very useful modification is to dampen (?) the horns by applying either rope caulk or dynamat. If you serach this forum you'll find plenty of information.


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