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How much you think a pair of kg 5.5 worth?


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Guys i have a pair of kg 5.5's and they are little bit beat up. I paid about 200 bucks for them on ebay and i'm just wondering if i paid to much for them? They sound great still just the cabinets has a corner that is a little smooshed. But i just bought a pair of rf-3's rs-3 rc-3 because i want to have a matching set. I'm also going to sell a kv 2 with them. How much you think i should start the bidding?

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Retail price was $1000/pair in '96, so $200 was a good deal.

If you wanted to get your money out of them, you could start under $10 and set a reserve, or just wing it.

You could probably dig around for more info on this site, ebay, etc, or just offer them here. These would probably sale best with a local pickup due to size.

Good Luck!

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I've had my best success selling things on eBay with auctions that start at $1.00 with no reserve. I was going to put a $75 buy-it-now on a pair of Definitive Technology surround speakers and they ended up selling for over $200!

Just be sure to take plenty of pictures and describe any defects in the speakers in detail. Also, try and end the auction on the weekend in the evening, around 9-10pm or so.

Trust me, they'll sell for what they're worth. There's enough people on eBay these days that you'll get what you want for them, and maybe more!

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