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Interconnect question


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Right now I have two sets of pretty thin, generic interconnect cables going from my HK 730 to my subwoofer and then back to the 730 (pre-out, pre-in loop).

Would I notice any improvement in sound if I purchased a decent set of cables? I know that with speaker cables the general consensus is not to worry too much about them. Is the same true with interconnects (RCA cables)?

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You will get a lot of opinions on this one. I happen to think that ICs and speaker cable do make a difference. I actually just recieved two pairs of Grover Huffmans latest ICs and I'm listening to a CD that I have heard probably 500 times. I am hearing detail and nuance that I havent heard before. So do ICs make a difference? I say yes. Is it a dramatic difference? I say not really - about the same as tube rolling IN MY OPINION!


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Just for the sub, it might not make a huge difference. Since you are looping the full signal through your cables it in all likely hood would be a good idea to use a higher quality interconnect.

I can't recommend any store bought brands, I make my own, maybe someone else can. The only fairly reasonably priced ones I have looked at in the past were by AudioQuest.

My daughter gave me some Munster Cable "good stuff" cables. They were the deadest, dullest pieces of rubber I had ever heard.


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Its not a very long run, 3 feet at most. I just won a set of Monster Cables on eBay for $3.01. I'll be looking for another set and then I'll see how it goes.

I used to have cables coming out my ears. I guess the last couple times I've moved they got legs. [:(]

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