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Audiokarma, I don't like


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My gosh, i ask a simple question like what they think that pioneer receiver is worth just for another opinion. What do they do, they take it away because i am new and started off asking what something is worth. Then i post it again and someone answers and was nice about it, but then posted about how i wasn't treated too nice for being new, and i guess i was a little uptight for them with that post, but what do u expect. I expect a friendly welcome into a new forum, but what do they give me, crap. I don't know if i'll stick around there at all. I like this klipsch forums quite fine, but i thought i could get even more info, but gee, i guess they want to be stuck up about my questions so i have no time for that.

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Many sites view questions like that as a solicitation for others to buy that item. Most sites have rules regarding posting items for sale. Don't take it too personally, the Klipsch site is much more tolerant than many others I visit regularly. [H]

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