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Control my subs through the receiver?


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Hello all,

I'm running a pair of RP-3's for my fronts on a Denon 3803. As you know, the RP-3's have the built in, 10" subs. For years, I signaling the sub through the speaker input, but recently decided to split the sub-out on my receiver and run directly into both RP's. Now, the two knobs that control the volume and frequency have no effect. The bass is out of control!! I thought I blew them watching War of the Worlds the other night. I've tried turning down the db's in the level controls, but then I find that the subs will sometimes not kick on at all...I'm assuming due to lack of bass signal? should I go back to pulling the sub signal off the speaker connections, or is there a way I can control the bass?

Hope I'm posting this in the right spot.


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Okay...a little more info. I was running the input into the LFE input. If I plug them into the Line inputs, then I can control them with the knobs.

So my question now, should I be running them through the LFE or Line inputs? My Denon literature is so vague.

I don't even know what LFE means...:(

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Thanks for the feedback wuzzer. One more question...should I split the lines going to the subs and run into both the LFE and Line inputs at the same time?

And while I'm at it, this is what the knobs on the sub control say; "Line Level" and "Bass Countour". I'm assuming Line Level is the volume control, but what is "Bass Contour"?

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Here's some tips I gathered from the speaker manual:

If you use the 'line in' remove the gold straps from the speaker level in and hook the speaker wire into the 'high' input section only.

Line in input may be used together with the LFE input.

LFE input must be connected to an input that filters out high frequencies (i.e. subwoofer output from receiver) LFE input should not be connected to a full-range (i.e. line out or pre-out from receiver).

Configure the speakers as 'Large' or 'Full Range' on your receiver.

'Bass contour' adjusts volume of low frequencies produced by the subwoofer only. Initially set it to 'flat' and then adjust as needed.

'Line level' adjusts entire bass range when using the 'line in' input. Initially set it to 'normal' and then adjust as needed.

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I agree about the denon website being next to worthless.

I had an integrated amp that I sold recently. It was early 90's vintage, and there was absolutely no info about the amp on the site. No specs, no acrobat manual, nada.

I did not have the original manual, and really had to scour the internet to find a few specs to post on the ebay ad. Annoying!

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