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Sub-12: a connection preference?


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I'm looking at setting up a Sub-12 connected to a Yamaha HTR-5990 for

primarily HT. I've noticed that there are three ways of

connecting the Sub-12 - LFE, Pre-out left and right (RCA), and left and

right high levels. Is there any one way that stands out as the

better way to connect the sub? Or is it a matter of personal

preference and wiring allowances? Any suggestions/guidance would

be appreciated. Thanks!

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Speaker level (high level) inputs on subs are generally only used when the receiver/amp doesn't have a sub, LFE, or pre-out section.

Best to use the LFE since the pre-out on your receiver (unless its a specific subwoofer pre-out) will send a full range signal to the sub.

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