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A place to put your pictures of your HT.

Trey Cannon

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Brad or anyone [:D]

1. Click the above Link.

2. Click on the "Klipsch Galleries Link".

3. Click on "Home Theatre Pictures Link.

4. Click on "your name" Link.

Now I just figured that out and need to get time to download some pictures..... Trey, if I misguided anyone with these feel free to delete them.......Pat

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Hi Trey -

I would like a folder, please & thank you. It might be good to have your wonderfully spelled out instructions from page 1 or 2 located on a link on the "place to put your pictures" page. A lot of us will need it, and will ask the master for it over and over again.[:)] Lori

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Cut me some slack ... very much a work in progress. [:P] Can't put Heresy's up front until I get a different TV or go front projection & screen, so I could move the subs where the current TV is with the Heresy in the middle:


[All pix here http://public.fotki.com/m8o/our_house-1/music_and_video/ ... a lot of the same]

I'm floored at how well facing the horns @ the wall creates a wide ambient rear surround soundfield. [:o] I'm running the rears closer in against the wall to the seating area, facing in even more. When you sit on one extreme of the seating area, you almost hear the surround from the other side a tad louder then the surround immediately behind your other ear. In all my rears of fiddling with rears or side surrounds, I've never achieved such a solid but totally ambient soundfield.[^]



3/7/2006: Purchased a Butler TDB5150 5-channel hybrid tube amp.

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